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The Best Attendance Management System Ever !!!!

JMS Attendance Management System- Features

  • Automated calculation of Employee Attendance and leaves
  • Ideal for small organizations
  • Set up in just few hours
  • Employer can add unlimited employee data
  • Company Logo on Dashboard of Employer Module
  • Password Secured
  • Free HR resources – Appointment Letter, Salary Slip Format and 20+ HR Formats
  • Employer can export Attendance Data, Employee data in Excel Sheet

Cloud Based

Cloud Based Attendance Management System- you can track from any place


Well Documented

Employer can upload employee documents like photograph, education details, joining details,etc.


Communication tool

Communication tool will help management to send important notifications to all employees

Why JMS Attendance Management System the Best ?


Cloud Based and Cost Effective

The system is cloud based and all the data is saved on cloud and can be accessed easily. The data is completely secured. The company can add unlimited employee data. The cost of JMS Attendance Management System is very competitive.


Creative Design and Easy UI

JMS Attendance System has the best in class Design – Employee and Employer Module. The user interface is the easiest and anyone can use it easily.


Accurate Attendance Tracking

JMS Attendance System uses QR code scan for attendance, the attendance is captured in the most accurate manner and total working hours are calculated automatically. This helps in understanding the productivity of the employees.


Free HR Resources

The employer is offered HR resources for Free, perfect for a small organization. The resources include Appointment Letter Format, Salary Slip Format, Leave Request Format, Conveyance Claim Format and many more …

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